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Dry Ice Blasting

Using dry ice as the abrasive medium, pressurized air propels small pellets at the coating. The effect of the pellet hitting the surface and the dramatic temperature change as the dry ice cools the surface cause the coating to fall away. Because dry ice evaporates the abrasive simply disappears after impact, minimizing cleanup and eliminating potential interference.

Dust-Free Blasting

Dust-free blasting uses a variety of abrasives expertly selected and mixed with a small amount of water. Pressurized air propels the abrasive with massive kinetic energy, shattering the surface and removing even the most difficult coatings and contaminants. Because the abrasive was selected for the particular project and mixed with water, coatings are removed with less waste and no dust!

Modern Sandblasting

Recently, technology has refined and improved the time-tested sandblasting process. Modern sandblasting equipment and specialty abrasives mean less dust and leftover mess at job sites. Expert blasters select the right combination of abrasive media, nozzle, and air pressure to maximize efficiency and minimize waste.


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