Common Questions

Common Questions About Blasting

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  • Why blasting?

    Over decades, sandblasting has proven to be an effective method for removing coatings—paint, rust, stains, or contaminants—from a surface. But, conventional sandblasting leaves piles of debris and often damages the underlying surface. Today, new technologies, like dry ice, dust free, and vapor blasting, have emerged that eliminate these drawbacks and make blasting a clean, safe, and environmentally-friendly option.

    Industrial cleaning, restoration, and surface preparation projects all benefit from modern blasting tools and techniques. An expert blaster will select the right abrasive to remove any coatings while protecting the underlying surface from damage. And, these new techniques are more effective, leaving less mess after the work is done.

  • Is blasting safe?

    Safety is our highest priority on a job site. We use proven processes, personal protective equipment (PPE), and quality enclosures to ensure job sites are safe for our clients and employees. Fresh Blast supervisors are OSHA 30 trained and every job has an OSHA 10 trained foreman; safety training begins on day 1 for every employee. Safety is core to our operations.

  • What is dry ice blasting?

    Dry ice blasting uses dry ice as the abrasive medium. Pressurized air propels small dry ice pellets at the coating. The effect of the pellet hitting the surface and the dramatic temperature change as the dry ice cools the surface cause the contaminants to fall away. Because dry ice evaporates at -109°F, the abrasive simply disappears after impact, minimizing cleanup and eliminating potential interference with mechanical parts.

    Dry ice blasting is an effective blasting method for cleaning and restoration, and dry ice has been approved by the FDA, EPA, and USDA as an acceptable cleaning material. This means dry ice blasting it is excellent option for food safe cleaning.

  • What is vapor or dust free blasting?

    Vapor blasting, also called dust free, dustless blasting, slurry blasting, or Farrow Blasting, uses a variety of abrasives that the blasting contractor expertly selects from for the project’s particular coating and underlying surface. The abrasive is then mixed with water vapor and propelled at the surface with pressurized air. Massive kinetic energy causes the abrasive to disintegrate upon impact, shattering outward across the surface and removing even the most difficult coatings and contaminants. Because the abrasive was selected for the particular project and mixed with water, coatings are removed with less waste and minimal dust!

    Vapor blasting easily removes the toughest coatings and contaminants, including marine paint, concrete non-skid coatings, mold, and rust. It can prepare and etch a surface for any coating and can achieve an SP5 “white metal” clean.

  • What is modern sandblasting?

    Since its invention nearly 150 years ago, sandblasting has proven itself as one of the most effective and efficient methods for cleaning, restoration, and surface preparation. But, until recently, sandblasting has suffered from a well-earned reputation as messy with clouds of dust and piles of leftover debris.

    Recently, technology has refined and improved this time-tested process. Modern sandblasting equipment and specialty abrasives mean less dust and leftover mess at job sites. Expert blasters select the right combination of abrasive media, nozzle, and air pressure to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. With the right skills, tools, and expertise, modern sandblasting mitigates the challenges of conventional sandblasting, and is the right option for many cleaning, restoration, and surface preparation projects.

  • Will you travel?

    Absolutely! Our crews specialize in working whenever and where ever they are needed. While our team is based in St. Paul, Minnesota, our teams and equipment are road-ready and tested. Our projects have taken us across all over Minnesota and the mid-west. Get a free estimate on your next project and let our teams show you what they can do—no matter where you are!