Vapor blasting, also called dust free, dustless blasting, slurry blasting, or Farrow Blasting, uses a variety of abrasives that the blasting contractor expertly selects from for the project’s particular coating and underlying surface. The abrasive is then mixed with water vapor and propelled at the surface with pressurized air. Massive kinetic energy causes the abrasive to disintegrate upon impact, shattering outward across the surface and removing even the most difficult coatings and contaminants. Because the abrasive was selected for the particular project and mixed with water, coatings are removed with less waste and minimal dust!

Vapor blasting easily removes the toughest coatings and contaminants, including marine paint, concrete non-skid coatings, mold, and rust. It can prepare and etch a surface for any coating and can achieve an SP5 “white metal” clean.